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Growing up in Manhattan during the 1970’s & 80’s gave DJ True the opportunity to experience what most people would consider the best DJs in the greatest clubs the world has ever had to offer. Clubs like the Paradise Garage, Disco Fever, Latin Quarters, The Loft & The Choice allowed him to witness firsthand the evolution of Hip Hop & House and set forth a love affair with the dance floor that would last a lifetime. His mother, being from Rio de Janeiro, made sure he had dual citizenship and made frequent trips to Brazil introducing him to carnival, samba schools and an entirely different evolution of sound than that of his hometown. The experience began a life-long addiction to collecting music that’s led him to be considered one today’s more insightful and fun DJs to listen to.

At local record stores like DJ mecca Rock ‘n’ Soul & Barry’s, DJ True became a tastemaker that was relied upon by many for the newest underground music trends. He soon landed a position as a production assistant intern at CD101.9 WQCD, and studied at The City College of New York’s emerging Sonic Arts department. True became a part of the on campus Harlem Community Radio family (WHCR 90.3FM) where he founded the "Deeper Than Disco" radio show, the first "House" music radio show on the station. The show was picked up by Sirius Satellite Radio for a primetime spot in 2004. His long list of veteran club DJs regularly playing the show shined a much-needed spotlight on New York City’s underground dance culture and introduced many to House music and its history. It was here, now famed radio host/DJ Kevin Hedge of Roots NYC (WBLS 107.5FM) reluctantly made his first DJ appearance insisting he wasn't a DJ. DJ True ended his program every week with a nod to one of his heroes, Frankie Crocker, and inspired Kevin Hedge to do the same 'til this day.

DJ True is most well known for his unabashed adventures into all things undeniably deep, tropical and full of soul. His lifelong love of jazz brought to fruition the Jazzmentalz party on the lower eastside of Manhattan which later evolved into Future Jazzmentalz before the abrupt closing of its host venue, Kush. The events were highlighted with live musical accompaniment by recording artists Kafele Bandele, Shannon Harris and Bill Ware of The Jazz Passengers as well as other notable alumnus.

DJ True has played countless clubs & venues for the likes of Giant Step, Danny Krivit’s 718 Sessions, Timmy Regisford’s Shelter, Sundae Sermon, Soul Summit, Aquabooty, Turntables on the Hudson, Soulgasm, Masters at Work’s Dance Ritual, Toca Cielo, S.O.B.’s, Seed in the City, NYC Dance Parade/Dancefest, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Clubhouse Jamboree, Bang the Party, Coney Island Dancers, as well as holding a residency at Francois K’s dub-oriented weekly Deep Space party. He has also performed with artists Amel Larrieux, Amp Fiddler, Totured Soul, Quantic, Jay Rodriguez, Cyro Batista & Marcelinho da Lua of Bossacucanova just to name a few.

DJ True started a Brazilian dance collective called ALMA (which translates to "soul" in Portuguese) "All for the Love ofMusic & Art" in 2003 with fellow DJ & countryman Miller Cruz, which ran to rave reviews for 5 years at The Sullivan Room and hosted it’s yearly New Year’s Eve Brazilian All White Affair. The party was hosted by Manchildblack & Joann Jimenez and featured Louie Vega & The Elements of Life, Joe Claussell, The Martinez Brothers, King Brit, Anane Vega, Ian Friday, Brazilian Soul Crew, Rich Medina, Karizma, Osunlade, DJ Afro and many others. The unique sound of mixing samba with house music and everything in between has influenced many parties worldwide and was captured on their CD released on Wave Music in the fall of 2007 called ALMA: The Soul of Brazil in New York City.

DJ True is respectively old school and takes on the roles of teacher, storyteller and artist every time he programs music. He has been a guest speaker at Carlos Sanchez’s History of House course at Pace University and has taught DJ culture at The Beacon & Teen Action after school programs. He has taken his sound to Amsterdam, Brazil & several cities across the US including Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, North Carolina and Las Vegas. His sensibility when he spins reflects his seasoned background in NYC’s underground dance scene, leaving the most demanding of audiences with something to look forward to in every set.

Look out for his original music production as executive producer of the "Nu Strains" collective & download his swipe app for smokers, "BLAZNBUDZ"


> Disc Jockey, Cielo, Black Flamingo, Pacha, Nikki Beach, Club Space NY, MIA, CHI, RIO 1996 - Present
> Producer/On Air Personality, Sirius Satellite Radio, THE REMIX 2003 - 2005
> Producer/On Air Personality, WHCR 90.3 FM, New York, NY, 1998 - 2005
> Account Executive, Trend Influence Incorporated, New York, NY, 2003 - 2004
> Production Assistant, CD 101.9 WQCD FM, New York, NY, 1996 - 1998

All for the Love of Music & Art

Album Notes:

When ALMA—the gathering helmed by Joann Jimenez, Manchildblack, and resident spinners DJ True and Miller Cruz—was in the planning stages in 2004, its creators had no idea that the venture they were undertaking would become one of Gotham’s most beloved nights. But it entered the pantheon of clubland glory in shockingly short time, attracting a multiracial, multisexual, multieverything crowd onto one of the most feverish dance floors you’re likely to find and gaining the respect of such nightlife gurus as Danny Krivit and Louie Vega. That, of course, is due to the soiree’s utterly captivating music, the cream of which is compiled here that ALMA features in its home base of downtown Manhattan’s Sullivan Room. It’s a sparkling, smile- and sweat-generating mélange of Brazilian-tinged beats that’sutterly irresistible to anyone with a heartbeat. New York’s nightlife would be a much poorer place without ALMA—give this disc a spin and find out why. - Bruce Tantum, Time Out NY.


BPM Magazine written by Craig Roseberry
"ALMA has become one of Gotham City’s premiere monthly events and eclectic underground scenes. Launched in 2004 by creators Joann Jimenez, Manchildblack and resident DJs True and Miller Cruz, the multicultural soiree has evolved into a quintessential spiritual oasis for serious music lovers. Since its inception, ALMA has become renowned for its "Neo-Brazilian Fusion" sound that melds live instrumentation with soul, jazz, Brazilian, Afro-Latin, Bossa Nova, deep house and broken beat creating a transcendent nirvana where exotic cosmic vibes converge and disseminate in vibrant hues. It's not surprising that nitelife veterans like Francois K., Louie Vega, Danny Krivit and Joe Claussell have all been spotted basking in the poly-rhythmic soundscapes among the throngs. This inspired collection features some of the party’s most feverish, crowd-pleasing anthems including offerings from Azymuth, 4Hero, Richard Dorfmeister, Suba, Restless Soul, Belladonna, Slope and Alex Attias. This is a must-have for fans of Body & Soul, Dance Ritual, Roots and The Loft."

King Britt, Six Five Media
"With the large amounts of boring compilations out there, ALMA NYC shines like a diamond in the rough. World music in every sense."

Louie Vega, Masters at Work /Elements ofLife
"ALMA: The Soul of Brazil in NewYork takes you on a journey where you can experience what happens at a true ALMA party. I’ve partied there, performed there and celebrated the sexy sound of Brazil with two of my favorite djs, True and Miller along with one the hottest New York City promoters Joann Jimenez.”

Joe Claussell, Cosmic Arts Inc.
"If the point of this gathering is to bring all kinds of people together, aligned with showering each and everyone of them with a unique blend of Brazilian fusion, love and beyond, then ALMA has far surpassed that agenda. Experience it on their debut CD."

Asya Shein, (Music &Events Ezine)
"I love this CD, representing ALMA the way it's meant - sexy, eclectic, enlightening & beautiful. A great montage made of soulful selections."

Batanga / Aug-Sept, 2007 issue- Reviewwritten by Rodrigo Salazar
"There is nothing like Brazilian music to bring out the good vibes. Mixed by DJ True and Miller Cruz (the main record spinners at NYC’s amazing ALMA parties), The Soul of Brazil taps into the eclectic Brazilian sound that made these parties successful. You get some funky wah-wah on Azymuth's “Partido Novo” and by the time you get to Karizma’s percussion filled mix of “The Caribou”, there is no question about who owns the soul of Brazil in New York."

Next Magazine/ Sept, 2007 - by Justin Ocean
“ALMA means ‘soul’ in Portuguese but is also an acronym for ‘All for the Love of Music & Art.’ And that love-specifically for ‘neo-Brasilian fusion’ - is clear in this CD mixed by DJ True and Miller Cruz and inspired by the New York party of the same name. With a soulful percussive groove, Alma blends house, drum 'n' bass, hip-hop and more for a delicioso feast that'll have out of your chair and dancing - then going back for seconds!”

Derek Beres, (Music &Events Ezine)
"Much like the nature of other Wave releases, this chooses more atmospheric clubs tracks, songs that ride on forseven or nine minutes with tasteful breaks of congas and plenty of blaring saxophones. My personal favorites come nearer to the beginning: a deep drum track by Ramiro Musotto, “Ijexa”, and the excellent remix of Cabruêra’s “ZabêSabe” by Electrococo. These two are certain to become staples for my own dancefloor selections. "


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